As a child, I remember being fascinated by my mother’s lavish dinner parties. Full of amazing food and perfectly matched tableware and presentation, these dinners were a promise of enjoyment and camaraderie for guests. From this fascination came the germ of an idea which eventually became The Crockery Hut.

I’m always inspired, not only by my mother’s fabulous collection of crockery, but by the four cities that I grew up in. The colours and bohemian vibes of Mumbai where I was born; the timeless charm of Antwerp where I grew up; the modern multiculturalism of London where I studied; and the electric energy of Hong Kong where I live now. The Crockery Hut distills the mood of these cities into a perfect capsule that represents my passion, creativity and love for travel.

Our products come from all over the world and each country influences the crockery we source from there. That is why, our collection is diverse and unique. In our collection you’ll find exquisite lacquered trays made in Vietnam that draw on the nation’s beautiful history of intricate lacquer design. From Japan, we bring pottery created by the most skilled craftsmen who pour their energy into creating timeless one-of-a-kind designs. Our glassware comes straight from the studios of Italian glassblowers who have perfected their craft to create stunning drinkware. The Crockery Hut’s products are made all over the world, but no matter the source, we remain committed to providing high-quality products made by talented artisans.

The Crockery Hut is not for everyone. You have to be a little bold, a little adventurous and occasionally eccentric to understand the love we put into every item. If you love travel and new experiences, if you share my passion for design and my love for entertaining, and if -like me- you want every dining experience to be special and memorable, then the Crockery Hut is for you!

Let every meal be an expression of who you are. Welcome to my world!

Tarana xoxo